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Backwater valve

Plumber master does Backwater valve installation

Backwater valve, sometimes referred to as a reflux valve or surcharge protection device, is a device used in drainage systems which only permits the drain to flow in one direction. It has a check valve arrangement which closes against any reverse flow.

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The Mainline Full-Port Backwater Valve is the 'flagship' of the company. Createdin in 1997, this valve has revolutionized sewer protection across North America with its patented gate design. This valve is typically installed in homes or buildings that have basements, cellars, crawl spaces or area that are accessible for servicing. The normally open gate allows the sewer system to 'vent' any gases that may be causes by positive or negative pressures in the sewer line. The Fullport Backwater Valve has a 'Clear View' top that makes inspection of the valve quick and simple for the building owner or plumber! As well, Backwater Valve comes with an integral clean-out for rodding the sewer lateral. Should rodding from the stack be necessary, the snake can easily pass over the open gate and be retracted with out doing any harm to the components.

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Full-Port Backwater Valve benefits.
• Open design offers zero flow restriction.
• Open design allows free circulation of air through the Plumbing System.
• "Clear Lid" gives you easy visual backwater valve inspection.
• "Built-in main-sewer cleanout"" allows auguring of sewer.

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