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All kinds of drain repair and installation

Emergency drain repairs and installations within 100 km from downtown Toronto
(in many cases we can go even beyond 100 km radius to do the work for you).

Sump pump and sump pit installation with government rebate.
Backwater valve installation on main sanitary drain, get money back from government.

• Drain cleaning by modern snake machines. Plugged sinks, bathtubs, toilets, floor drains, underground lines cleared.
• Drain TV camera inspection and pipe locate.
• Backwater valve installation on main sanitary drain (save up to $1250!).
• Traditional underground drain repair/replacement with digging by machine and by hand (you can save up to $2,000 on underground drain repair no matter which technology is used).
• Drain replacement with No Digging pipe lining technology.
• Drain replacement by Pipe Burst technology (very limited digging).
• Underground drain rough-in.
• Repair and new drain installations and rough-in above ground.
• High pressure drains water jetting (power washing machine).
• Sump pits with sewage ejector installation.
• Sump pump and sump pit installation.
• Rural drain systems installation with septic tank.
• Floor drains replacement, installation, service.
• Storm drains and catch basins installation and service.


Order Backwater valve installation now.

Order TV camera inspection now.

Plumber Masters company information on Home Stars page Plumber Masters company information on Home Stars page Plumber master provide high quality TV camera inspection and pipe location in Mississauga, Toronto and surroundings

Discover hidden problems in undeground drain and fix them to avoid sewer backup in your home.

• Protect your basement from flooding
• Increase your house value
• Decrease home insurance payments
• Receive $1,250 rebate from City (in GTA)

Order undeground drain TV camera inspection before buying new home and before doing renovations.

Examples of wrong sewer system installations and ways to correct them

Outside of your house

You need this

Or this

Wrong installation

Right installation

Right installation

Old sewer sistem with trap located outside of the house Plumber Masters installing back-to-back cleanout system outside house Plumber Masters - Back-toback cleanout system showcase Scheme how correct install backwater valve outside of the house.
Plumber Masters - Repairing and replacing old sewer system Plumber Masters - Correct instalation of back-toback cleanout system Plumber master doing backwater valve installation

Inside your house

You need this

Or this

Wrong installation

Right installation

Right installation

Old breather outside of the house. Back-to-back cleanout system installed by Plumber master inside the house. Plumber Masters company information on Home Stars page Plumber Masters company information on Home Stars page Plumber Masters company information on Home Stars page
Old sewer system with trap inside the house. Back-to-back cleanout installed by Plumber Master. Plumber Masters provide hight quality backwater valve installation in Missisauga and Toronto

Old drain at any moment can become clogged at the trap, causing sewer backup in the basement.

A back-to-back cleanout is installed on main drain pipe . The pipe is straight now and will not get clogged. Plumber Master gives you 20 years guarantee on completed drain work.

A backwater valve is installed on main drain pipe. The pipe is straight now and will not get clogged. Also backwater valve offers additional protection from flooding. If we install for you backwater valve, you will get $1,250 rebate from city (in GTA).


Drain is the core element of every home. Without proper drainage, with blocked main drain it is not possible to live in the house normally, because plumbing fixtures cannot be used. If the drain is blocked and plumbing fixtures are used, it will create sewer backup and home flooding.

Plumber Master has all necessary knowledge and equipment to deal with any blocked drain situation. By sewer TV camera inspection we can locate exact place where the problem in main drain exist, even underground. Emergency drain repair is our specialty. We do it year around, inside and outside of the house.

Sometimes an object can block the drain pipe, or some substance (for example, kitchen grease) can accumulate in drain pipe, causing drain water backup. We have modern snake machines to clear drains of: kitchen sink, lavatory sink, laundry tub, bar sink, bathtub, shower, toilet and main drain. However, if the drain was installed properly, with proper support and elevation, with proper pipes sizing, and some minimal maintenance is done, then drain is free of blockages and works normally all the time.

If a drain backup happened, especially backup from main drain (that causes basement flooding), it is often an indication, that there is something wrong at some place with the existing drain pipe, and snaking alone is not enough, pipe needs to be repaired. Really, you do not put in the drain pipe nails or stones during normal use. Properly installed main drain is supposed to work normally all the time, and be blockage free. If the main drain gets blocked, then usually it has to be repaired. Depending on individual case, work may include: repair due to tree roots breaking through and growing in main drain pipe, improving drain elevation, installing drain pipe of proper size, installing proper fittings, using the pipe made of proper material, drain vents installation etc...

Plumber Master can do for you any kind of drain repair and make sure that your drain will not get blocked again. Also we can install for you a backwater valve on main sanitary and storm drain. This device prevents basement flooding if main City drain overflows due to heavy rain. And, in GTA, if we install for you a backwater valve you will get $1,250 money back from the City. We will obtain the permit, pass inspection, provide you with and help you to fill up the rebate form.


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$500 off On complete house waterproofing.
$50 off On main drain repair.
$30 off On sump pump installation.
$20 off On TV camera pipe inspection.
$20 off On high pressure pipe cleaning.


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