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Take advantage of this incredible opportunity – government now gives money back, offers financial assistance for installation of backwater valve. Also rebates are offered for pipe severance and capping (disconnection of weeping tile from sanitary drain and connection to new sump pit) and downspouts disconnection. 
Plumber Master will do for you all work from beginning to the end, will pass the inspection, will provide rebate application, will help to fill it up, will make sure you get your money back.

CALL US 416-890-8568 TO GET REBATES THE CITY OWES YOU.There are government programs that allow homeowners to receive rebates on drain and plumbing work. This is an opportunity to prevent sewage backups, to increase value of your house, to reduce home insurance payments, to protect content of your basement. This is your opportunity to save.


City of Toronto – all GTA (Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough, Toronto)

$1250 for new backwater valve installation on main sanitary drain
$1750 for new sump pump/pit installation
$400 for pipe severance and capping
$1250 for new backwater valve installation on main sanitary drain
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Peel region (Mississauga, Brampton, Town of Caledon)

$700 for backwater valve installation
$75 for downspouts disconnection 
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City of Vaughan

$750 for backwater valve installation
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Durham region (Pickering, Ajax, Uxbridge, Oshawa, Whitby, Clarington)

$3000 interest free 3 year loan for backwater valve/sump pump installation
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or call Plumber Master 416 890 8568 Example: Basement flooding protection subsidy program in GTA and how Plumber Master can help you. 

This program has been in effect since September 26, 2008 and it covers several kinds of work. Firstly, the installation of a basement BACKWATER VALVE ( Should a city pipe overflow (which has happened often in all city areas), dirty water can flow back into the house. This can cause very bad smell, floor and property damage. Same happens if the sewer pipe becomes clogged for any reason. To prevent this, a BACKWATER VALVE has to be installed. The bottom of the BACKWATER VALVE has a special gate which closes automatically when water flows back into the house. It prevents dirty water from entering your basement. An alarm will notify you when the gate closes. Then, by calling City Works or a private pluming company the problem will be taken care of. Most important: your basement flooding is prevented. We are experienced in installing this device. The City will give you the maximum $1,250 for the work on BACKWATER VALVE. Another solution is an installation of the BASEMENT SUMP PUMP. 

The City will give you the maximum $1,250 for the work on BACKWATER VALVE. Another solution is an installation of the BASEMENT SUMP PUMP. The City gives $1,750 towards this installation. It may be determined that disconnecting foundation drains (weeping tiles) from the City sewer system by severing and capping the underground storm sewer connection pipe is also required to protect the home from basement flooding. The City gives a maximum $400 for this.

Before any installation, Plumber Master technician will have to assess your house situation, especially drain TV camera inspection may be needed. This inspection allows: 1) to check drain pipe elevation; 2) to see if any branch pipe connects to main drain pipe in place where backwater valve has to be installed; 3) to check if there are any hidden defects on main drain pipe; 4) to find out how deep is the pipe and 5) in what direction it is installed. All these parameters will affect the price of installation. 

Once the contract is signed, Plumber Master will obtain building permit for the project. Work will begin in time suitable for you. When installation is done, it is necessary to pass inspection. It is done within 2-3 days. Then whatever was excavated is backfilled, general cleanup is done, debris are removed, work comes to complete finish. You pay the balance, Plumber Master technician writes “Paid in full” on your invoice and puts there his signature. Then he will provide you with rebate application form and will help you to fill it up. You put in an envelope the application and original invoice and mail it to proper City department. Usually within 8-10 weeks your application is processed, then you will get by mail your rebate cheque and original invoice.

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backwater valve diagram,
Full-Port Backwater Valve benefits.
• Open design offers zero flow restriction.
• Open design allows free circulation of air through the Plumbing System.
• “Clear Lid” gives you easy visual backwater valve inspection.
• “Built-in main-sewer cleanout”” allows auguring of sewer.

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